About Dr. Gilliam

Born and raised in Tennessee, Leah Gilliam, MD, is living her dream of practicing family medicine in her hometown community. Dr. Gilliam uses the direct primary care model to provide personalized family medicine to patients of all ages and backgrounds at The Doctor’s Office @ 83 S. Main in Lexington, Tennessee.

For patients tired of paying hefty sums for health insurance that still doesn’t cover medications and lab work, Dr. Gilliam has a better solution. Direct primary care is an innovative approach to medicine that avoids the excessive fees, paperwork, and other hassles associated with going through health insurance.

An affordable monthly fee covers most in-office care at The Doctor’s Office. This includes visits with Dr. Gilliam that last no less than 30 minutes so she can provide customized care and same-day appointments in most cases. Additionally, members get a panel of basic laboratory tests up to three times per year at no extra charge. Preventive care services, including diabetes and high cholesterol screening, are also included in membership.

Practicing family medicine is more than just a profession for Dr. Gilliam, it’s her calling. She’s been passionate about the field since receiving a doctor Barbie® doll for her fourth birthday. Throughout childhood, Dr. Gilliam interacted with young, enthusiastic family physicians that her mother worked with and quickly became enamored with the prospect of one day practicing herself.

After graduating from Lexington High School, Dr. Gilliam earned a bachelor’s degree in biological sciences at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville. She went on to complete her medical degree at the University of Tennessee Health Science Center and family medicine residency at the University of Tennessee, Jackson.

Dr. Gilliam is married to her high school sweetheart, Justin. She considers herself blessed to live on the family farm and practice medicine in the community she loves.